• htipiti spicy hot feta cheese spread
    creamy blend of roasted hot peppers and Feta • 9
  • melitzanosalata roasted eggplant spread
    rustic blend of roasted eggplant and bell peppers • 9
  • taramosalata fish roe spread
    delicate puree of cured fish roe and potatoes • 9
  • skordalia garlic dip | hummus
    tangy blend of fresh garlic and potatoes or bean hummus • 8
  • tzatziki yogurt blend
    creamy yogurt with grated cucumber, fresh garlic, and dill • 8
  • treis alifes three-spread tasting
    • 18
    add Crudités • 5
  • saganaki tableside cheese flambé
    select aged Greek cheese with a splash of Greek brandy, flamed to delight • 9
  • spanakopita spinach pie
    fresh spinach and greens blended with aged Greek cheese, baked in filo until golden • 9.50
  • tiropitakia mini cheese pie
    select Greek cheese baked in filo until golden with greens • 9.50
  • gigantes oven-baked gigantic beans
    immersed in finely chopped vegetables, olive oil, and seasoning • 10
  • kolokithi zucchini
    light and crispy, served with tzatziki • 11
  • dolmadakia vegetarian stuffed grape leaves
    served cold with tzatziki • 11
  • patates tiganites Greek seasoned fries
    • 6
    •tzatziki • 1 •htipiti • 2 •crumbled Feta • 2
  • loukaniko our house-made Greek sausage
    robust flavors, sliced and sautéed with bell peppers, onions and garlic, finished with wine-lemon sauce or just charbroiled sliced sausage with fresh lemon • 12
  • imported Greek cheese plate PDO
    with Greek olives and Salonica peppers • 11
  • garides saganaki Gulf shrimp
    sautéed with scallions, peppers, and Feta in a savory mustard-wine sauce • 13.50
  • kalamari baby squid
    tender, light and crispy, served with fresh lemon • 12
  • marides Lake Superior smelt
    delicate fish in a crispy batter, finished with fresh lemon • 11
  • octapodi riganato octopus
    marinated with seasonal fresh vegetables in our Greek EVOO and oregano vinaigrette, served cold • 18

Menu items and pricing are subject to change.

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