klasiko CLASSIC

•cup of soup • 6 • small house Greek salad • 8

  • arni lamb shank
    braised until succulent; chef-inspired sauce changes daily • 31
  • tashkebob wine-braised lamb
    tender chunks of lamb deliciously meld with fresh tomatoes and vegetables • 22
  • kota lemonati chicken with lemon
    classically prepared herbed chicken charbroiled to perfection, served with pour-over lemon sauce • 18
  • Mediterranean chicken
    sautéed with fresh vegetables, accented with wine and crumbled aged Greek cheese, lightly broiled • 19
    *choice of Mediterranean pilaf, oven-roasted potato or seasonal vegetable

  • tigania signature sautés
    flavorful earthy vegetables and seasoned meat finished with wine sauce, served with grilled bread
    chicken • 18    loukaniko • 19    combo w/pork • 22
  • dolmades meat-stuffed grape leaves
    seasoned ground beef and rice, wrapped in tender grape leaves, gently steamed, topped with creamy egg-lemon sauce • 20
  • mousaka
    layers of eggplant, potatoes, seasoned ground beef and select Greek cheese, topped with béchamel sauce, baked until golden • 20
  • mousaka lahanikon vegetable mousaka
    potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant, topped with béchamel sauce, baked until golden • 21
  • piperyies yemistes stuffed bell peppers
    filled with fresh herbs, vegetables and rice, baked then topped with Feta • 17
  • imam bayildi stuffed eggplant
    open-faced roasted eggplant, stuffed with peppers, onions, celery and a fresh herb blend, baked then sprinkled with aged Greek cheese, finished under broiler • 18

skara GRILL

Mediterranean pilaf, oven-roasted potato or seasonal vegetable
•cup of soup • 6 •small house Greek salad • 8

  • souvlakia classic chicken or pork skewers
    tender pieces of meat marinated in olive oil, fresh lemon, and our signature seasoning, skewered and charbroiled • 17
  • shish kebob
    tender chunks of meat skewered with fresh bell peppers and onions, charbroiled.
    chicken • 19
  • gyro platter
    richly seasoned beef/lamb, slow-roasted on a vertical spit, hand carved to order, accented with ripe tomatoes and sweet onions, served with tzatziki (substitute charbroiled sliced chicken breast) • 17
  • ta psita grilled meats “the broiler”
    generous sampling of gyro, loukaniko, chicken and pork souvlakia • 30

speciality cuts

  • rack of lamb
    eight-rib • 30
  • prime rib lamb chops
    two • 20     three • 29
  • hirini brizola pork rib chop
    14 oz. French trim, fresh lemon and pomegranate marinade • 19
  • New York strip steak
    14 oz. center cut ‘Certified Hereford 1881’ • 39

thalasina SEAFOOD

•cup of soup • 6 • small house Greek salad • 8

  • shrimp Santorini
    aromatic tomato sauce simmered with wild-caught shrimp, sautéed with fresh peppers and onions, blended with Feta, served on a bed
    of rice • 21
  • shrimp Ektl
    fresh lemon-wine sauce finishes this light sauté of garlic, scallions, bell peppers and Feta, lightly broiled, served with pilaf • 21
  • fresh catch
    Market Price


special family recipes served on select days of the week

  • makaronia
    spaghetti tossed in golden-brown butter sauce and our family’s exclusive Greek cheese aged in-house, freshly grated • 15

    Wednesday | Sunday

  • makaronada
    classic Greek meat sauce with braised lamb, herbs and spices, served over spaghetti with aged kefalotiri cheese • 22

    Wednesday | Sunday

  • pastitsio
    layers of Greek pasta, seasoned ground beef and select Greek cheese, topped with béchamel sauce, baked until golden • 19

    Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Menu items and pricing are subject to change.

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