iconic flavors of Greece, individually wrapped in warm pita with seasoned Greek fries or Mediterranean pilaf
•crumbled Feta • 1                     •htipiti (spicy feta spread) • 2
•small house Greek salad • 8

  • vegetarian pita
    a bounty of marinated sautéed veggies, Feta and tzatziki • 13.75
  • salata pita
    Greek • 12 horiatiki • 13 maroulosalata • 11
  • kalamari or smelt pita
    light and crispy baby squid or smelt with fresh greens, cucumbers, red onions, skordalia and tzatziki • 13.75
  • loukaniko pita
    our house-made Greek sausage with fresh tomatoes, onions and tzatziki • 13.75
  • souvlaki pita chicken or pork
    tender pieces of marinated meat skewered and charbroiled, with fresh tomatoes, onions and tzatziki • 13.75
  • gyro
    traditional beef/lamb slow-roasted on a vertical spit, hand carved to order, with fresh tomatoes, onions and tzatziki • 13.75
  • lamb burger
    juicy and bursting with flavor, our signature-seasoned 8 oz. ground lamb burger, charbroiled, served with tzatziki • 18

Menu items and pricing are subject to change.

It's Greek To Me By Athena Restaurant In Minneapolis Minnesota

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