soupes soups

  • avgolemono traditional creamy egg-lemon soup
    • 7.50
  • fakés spanaki hearty lentil-spinach soup
    • 7.50

salates salads

enhance a salad with meat or seafood
souvlaki (pork) or gyro • 6 charbroiled sliced chicken breast • 6 kalamari • 7 Gulf shrimp • 8 octapodi riganato • 10 salmon • 9

  • horiatiki olive grove village salad PDO
    from our village to table, this authentic Greek salad is brimful of ripe seasonal tomatoes, market fresh cucumbers, red onions and our imported Feta, Kalamata olives and Salonica peppers, tossed with our classic Greek EVOO • sm 12 / lg 20
  • salata Greek salad PDO
    fresh greens, ripe seasonal tomatoes, onions, our imported Feta, Greek olives and peppers, tossed with our Greek EVOO vinaigrette • sm 9 / lg 16
  • maroulosalata Greek herb salad PDO
    thinly sliced fresh greens lightly tossed with our Greek EVOO and dill vinaigrette, sprinkled with kefalotiri cheese • sm 9 / lg 16
  • the Goddess
    our creamy, tangy basil dressing refreshes this classic green salad • 10
  • solomo salata salmon and fresh greens
    satisfying charbroiled salmon tops a mix of fresh veggies and greens, tossed with our classic Greek EVOO • 17

Menu items and pricing are subject to change.

It's Greek To Me By Athena Restaurant In Minneapolis Minnesota

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